Heroes VOLUME 4!

August 31, 2008 at 8:28 pm (Television)


While I was looking up the picture for the next post on my site, I stumbled upon the name for the 4th Volume of Heroes. It’s worth noting that a volume in Heroes isn’t necessarily a season. Season 1 and Volume 1 were equal, so was #2. However, with Season 3, the season will be split into two volumes, two story arcs if you will. You can look at it like chapters in a book, which is one of the great things about Heroes. Zachary Quinto has said Villains will last 13 episodes, and the 4th Arc will last 12 episodes, according to Kring. Oh yea, just so you know, the arc is called Fugitives. What will this imply for the Heroes? For the Villains yet to be introduced? I guess we’ll just have to find out! Heroes: Villains is set to premiere September 22nd, with a one hour clip show (The Butterfly Effect), followed by the first episode (The Second Coming).

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Top 22 Heroes Moments Intro

August 31, 2008 at 8:28 pm (Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

With the beginning of the third season of Heroes, Villains, approaching soon, I thought it would be nice to do a little countdown series until the premiere. With all of the shocking moments promised to come in the new season, I figured I would count down all of my favorite shocking moments from the past two seasons, leading up to #1 on the premiere day of the new season. If any of you fellow Heroes fans out there have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

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Heroes Season 2 DVD-View

August 31, 2008 at 4:42 pm (DVD, Television)


One of my favorite television shows on the air right now, Heroes, has its second season available on DVD now, and in all my nerd-dom, after seeing Journey 3D had to go pick it up. My nerd-dom was large enough to go buy the DVD, but not enough to buy the edition including a Kensei mask. The boxart is really nice for this season. The front follows the same format as one, but has characters inside the globe. Also, the rest of the inside of the DVD has a blue theme, which looks REALLY pretty. The first season featured the most prominent piece of art on the back, and the same goes for this season. Season 1 was the bomb, this one is of Bennet’s death. Each of the flaps inside the set features a great piece of art, making for an overall great art on the box. The DVD menus are also very well done. They show the Heroes logo along with paintings and their incarnations in life throughout the season. Although the season was not quite up to par with one, the set really makes up for the buy with some outstanding special features. The set includes all 11 episodes (by episode 7 they had caught up to par with season 1), along with the alternate ending to the season, and what would have come to pass in the other 13 episodes that would have came. Not only do Kring and the gang have an interview about it, they show some great and very eery footage from what would have come to pass, involving Sylar getting some very important powers. The set also includes a season 3 sneak peek, some interesting deleted scenes, and commentaries on all 11 episodes featuring one of the actors and someone involved behind the scenes. Some very great special features for this set make it worth the buy, even if you didn’t like this season as much. With brilliant special features, some great episodes toward the end of the season, and great package art, I highly recommend this to any sci-fi junkie or to any Heroes fan unsure of whether to buy the second season for home viewing. 

5 out of 5

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Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Review

August 31, 2008 at 3:12 pm (Movies)

“Just a small town boy, born and raised in south de-trohoit… took the midnight train goin any-where…” Sorry, had to get that out of my system. This is Journey to the Center of the Earth IN 3D! In the movie, Brendan Frasier is your typical geology professor. He runs his own lab that’s about to be taken over, and his brother has been missing for several years. His nephew comes into town, and Frasier discovers his brother could have been onto finding the center of the earth. They go to Iceland, and with the help of a tour guide, get to the center of the earth. The movie is your basic summer action romp, there’s water voyages, dinosaurs, man-eating plants, etc. It makes for a fun little summer movie, however that’s about it. It isn’t nearly as deep as The Dark Knight and some of the other summer blockbusters, however it wasn’t intended to be. The 3D aspect of the film is fun, there are several “Ooooh… Look at that…” moments, and it makes for some fun. I wondered a few times though if the movie would have been better without the 3D. The movie ends with plenty of room for a sequel, and if it comes out, I probably won’t see it, but would probably be a good rent. Overall, Journey is a fun summer movie that you won’t regret seeing, you can make a good afternoon of seeing it, it’s just not the best movie you’ll see all summer.

3 1/2 out of 5

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Top Ten Sports Movies

August 29, 2008 at 12:04 pm (Movies, Top Ten)


With the football season finally punting back into America, this is my list of my top ten favorite sports movies. To be fair to the other more serious movies, I placed the two comedies at the bottom. Even though they are sports movies, I enjoy comedies more than sports movies and they’d probably end up at the top in a true list, so I placed them in the list, but at the bottom. 
  1. Radio
  2. Remember the Titans
  3. Coach Carter
  4. Facing the Giants
  5. Rudy
  6. The Sandlot
  7. Glory Road
  8. The Legend of Bagger Vance
  9. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
  10. Blades of Glory

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Should-Have-Beens of Movie Gaming

August 26, 2008 at 11:03 am (Movies, Video Games)


By now everyone knows how great The Dark Knight is. You’ve either seen it on opening night, bought a bootleg, or heard you’re friend go on and on about it. We also all know about all the summer movie games that came out this past summer, as there are every summer. There were games based on Kung Fu Panda, some on WALL E, and plenty of other cash tie ins for the big blockbusters. Was I the only person who wanted a The Dark Knight videogame? Or for that matter, any game based on an action packed movie. Hancock would have been a cool premise for a game, and, coming back to the Dark Knight, the possibilities for game variation are limitless. Let us play as Batman some, rough up a few bad guys, maybe some time missions trying to rescue Dent or Gordon in time, or maybe even mix things up with some stealthy or timed missions with the Joker where you have to slowly take out your own men to proceed through. Take it wherever as long as you stay true to the movie. Give us some extra variations on the Joker story, some driving missions. You might could even take a Call of Duty 4 or Battlefield Modern Combat twist to it where you have to play the two sides of the story one after the other. Get some good writers on it, maybe put Infinity Ward on it while using the COD4 engine while providing that great rich story both COD4 and TDK offer. I’m not saying it’d be a perfect game, but it could be a fun experience. I know Pandemic was working on something, I would have loved to have seen them follow through with it. With Hancock maybe add some story decisions to maybe change Hancock’s story. Make the right decisions and the people love you more, isn’t that what the story was about? Maybe next summer instead of making obvious cash tie-ins, make some movie based games on movies that would actually be a good video game premise.

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Real Life Samus!

August 23, 2008 at 8:29 pm (Pictures, Video Games, Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

Okay James, please stop drooling. I found these pics on a link to from Halolz, one of my premiere sources for hilarious video game captions. These are a few pics of a girl, who even though may only exist in Japan and in James dreams, has a lot of spare time on her hands. I have to admit though, it is cool. 


For more pics and info, click here.

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Wall E, Caspian, Hulk, Golden Army, Horses, Guru, Zohan, Indy 4 Boxarts 4 Exclusive

August 23, 2008 at 7:31 pm (DVD, Movies)

A majority of this summer’s biggest blockbusters are now heading for their DVD release. All of their boxarts are available to see below. Wall E, Pixar’s tale of robot love is heading for shelves November 18th, Prince Caspian comes in December 2nd, just in case you missed it last time, the Hulk boxart is available below, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army boxart is viewable below, Toby Keith’s Beer for my Horses (yee-haw) is riding in November 11th, The Love Guru rides in October 16th, Zohan fights in on October 7th, the special edition art for Indy 4, releasing October 14th, is also viewable below. 



I’d like to rent Wall E, Caspian, H-Boy 2, and maybe Guru. I’m skipping on Indy 4 and Horses, and might just blind buy the Hulk. Also, it has been rumored that The Dark Knight will be landing in stores December 9th.

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TDK Joker Quotes Page

August 21, 2008 at 8:32 pm (Movies, Quotes)

As anyone who has seen TDK knows, the movie is chock full of quotes that any nerd that has seen it at least 3 times has memorized fully, along with accentuation. Here is a list of quotes from the maniacal villain. I’ve decided that it makes for a really long page, plus I don’t want anyone to forget about it, so I made it into a nifty little page. You can view the page by clicking the link in the sidebar or clicking here.

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Heroes Volume 2 Alternate Ending

August 19, 2008 at 6:19 pm (Television, Video)

Heroes Volume 2 was originally planned to be a longer story arc, much like Season 1. However, due to the complications caused by the Writer’s Strike, the arc was shortened to 11 episodes, in which the Shanti Virus Adam Monroe seeked to unleash upon the world was stopped. The alternate ending here serves as an ultimate springboard of what would have been, and proves to be very interesting for fans of the show.

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TDK’s Ultimate Opponent: High School Musical 3?

August 18, 2008 at 11:13 am (Movies, The Way Earl Sees It)


At the beginning of the new year approximately 8 months ago, a lot of ideas were brought up of which movie would do the best in the following year. Some believed it might be Iron Man, some thought Indiana Jones 4, a few like myself were hoping that The Bucket List would make a huge success. As the bigger movies came out like Iron Man, new racers began to emerge as highest grossers. Many people expected great success out of it, plus success from the runner about a month later, Indy 4. However, I throughly believe no one expected the huge success that came from The Dark Knight. As I’ve stated earlier, it was estimated at maybe $70-$80 million opening, and it more than doubled it. The movie’s trailers were huge and promising, and it exceeded my expectations, something I didn’t expect to happen. I am in fact ashamed of thinking the movie wouldn’t be too good when hearing of all the big dramatic elements. However it proved to be a truly entertaining movie throughout, even in the parts most movies would bore you with. The Dark Knight has now settled in with approximately $500 million dollars in the United States, making it the second highest grossing movie of all time. This beats Iron Man and Indy 4, the summer’s next two closest competitors, by nearly $150 million. It would be safe to assume that TDK is going to be the highest grossing movie of the year, if not the decade, that is if it wasn’t for the tale of teenage angst that is High School Musical 3. DS and I were having a mundane conversation as we always do in Spanish class in the morning, and he believes that TDK will have a run for it’s money with High School Musical 3. The movie has a cult following for some reason, and proves to be entertaining after the 5700th viewing to little girls, teenage girls, younger parents, and some dudes. The series really just took off for Disney, and shows nearly every night on Disney Channel. The series has clothing, backpacks, pencils, food, drinks, etc. It’s absolutely insane how much endorsing this cash cow has. I personally believe the movie will score big at the box office, but this is the first time a big series like that from Disney has been pushed onto the big screen, so it’s hard to estimate how well it will do. However, I don’t think the movie is going to score as big as TDK. Mainly because HSM3 really just appeals to the female and younger audience. The Dark Knight appeals to nearly everyone that goes to see movies. Younger kids went to see it, maybe more would have went if not for the darker theme, plenty of teenagers went to see it (nearly everyone at my school has seen it and we mention it every day in Spanish one way or another), older audiences went to see it including adults, females went to see it with their boyfriends and wanted to see Ledger, and there’s the nerds who go see it more than once. High School Musical 3 will definitely score big, however in my opinion it will never reach the critical and commercial reached by TDK. I will be in Disneyworld the week before this bad boy opens, so I can imagine it’s going to be a huge deal there. I guess we’re just going to have to wait until the weekend of October 24th, more than a month away.

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Scrubs-Fix You

August 16, 2008 at 8:55 pm (Television, Video)

This is my tribute to Scrubs’ more sad moments with Coldplay’s Fix You.

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Joker Concepts

August 15, 2008 at 7:39 pm (Movies, Pictures)

Below are a few pieces of concept art for the Joker found on Movietome.com. Almost all of them aren’t as colorful as Ledger’s was, and a few of them sort of remind me of some sort of deep horror slasher killer. Never the less, these pics are definitely worth a look.


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16 Blocks Review

August 14, 2008 at 6:18 am (Movies)

Before you can say anything, yes I know this is an older movie. I personally don’t believe there’s anything wrong with reviewing older movies. However, I recorded this one with the modern day miracle that is DVR and watched it. 16 Blocks follows the story of Jack (Bruce WIllis, a cop down on his luck and sick of the world, so possessed by grief and regret he barely gets through the day. One day he gets the assignment to escort this prisoner Eddie (Mos Def, Be Kind Rewind) 16 Blocks across the very busy New York so he can testify. As it turns out, Def’s character has a lot of information, and will be testifying and convicting several cops in New York. A lot of Jack’s friends turn out to be the ones coming after him, when Jack decides he’ll take a turn in his life and do the right thing. The movie did a really nice twist in that in the movie it’s just not goons coming after him, it’s his own friends, his ex-partners, which makes the gunplay, although enjoyingly frequent, a lot more personal. Bruce Willis does a great job as the world weary cop and by the end you really care for him and you’re hoping for the best with him. Mos Def does a good job as the prisoner, however most of the time you can’t understand what he’s saying. The movie surprisingly raises a lot of morality questions with whether or not they should kill him, the greater good. The movie just does a great job of combining action that has you on the edge, surprising depth, along with good performances. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, if you can find it on USA Network or rent it sometime, you wouldn’t be sorry. Now I’ve gotta go watch my recording of The Fugitive.

4 out of 5

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Return to Arkham

August 13, 2008 at 6:18 am (Video Games)


Even though there was a video game based on 2005’s Batman Begins, a video game was not developed (or has not been announced yet as rumored by Pandemic) for the newest Batman blockbuster, The Dark Knight, which I believe would make a great game. However, a new Batman game, being developed by Rocksteady Studios, is now in the works. Batman: Arkham Asylum is supposedly reminiscent of last year’s title, Bioshock, which sounds great for the setting of this mental institution. May we see a Batman suspense game? I certainly hope so. The newest issue of Game Informer offers two covers for subscribers, and I could honestly have either and be happy. The game is set for an unannounc

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